Life Support Center

Life is messy! We offer Life Support to give people life-enhancing resources and skills to deal with those messes. Of course, as we do, we get to build relationships with them and share the hope that Jesus Christ brings to messy lives...true Life Support!


New Covenant is always looking for better ways in which to serve our friends and neighbors. We believe all people are created in God’s image and deserve to be treated with dignity. We are examining all our outreach ministries and making changes that we believe will benefit everyone plus add an element for each person to have more ownership of their care.


Starting October 1 we will switch over to a new format for The Cupboard food pantry. It will be called The Cupboard Co-op. We want  to give people more personal choice in what they receive from The Cupboard  and also provide a way for our friends to give back. This preserves dignity and builds hope.

Persons/Families are eligible to get food 1x/month and will be asked to contribute $5 or 1 hour of community service to New Covenant each time. (Attending church on Sunday can cover this requirement.) A point system based on the size of the family will be used to determine how many items a person can get, and persons will choose their own items with the guidance of Cupboard volunteer.


We will continue to give out sack lunches on Tuesdays and Thursdays with extra items for our friends who are homeless.


Thank you for your cooperation as we strive to serve God’s people in a way we believe can be transforming. Shalom.


We believe everyone should be given the opportunity to create...and connect with their Creator! Come join us!

Abundant Life Job Center


Tuesdays/Thursdays afternoons by appointment




Services Provided

  • Job/Vocation coaching 
  • Skills Assessment
  • Computer Access
  • Interview Skills/Etiquette

A Community Garden Project
Come see us grow!


This year we will do intensive gardening! It is our hope that this method will provide a bigger harvest that volunteers can share in. Extras will go to The Cupboard and other area food ministries. To join the Garden Team email Pastor Cathy @ 

1710 W Douglas

Wichita, KS 67203



1718 W Douglas

Wichita, KS 67203

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